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Bread is a great piece of food, with many health benefits. It contains nutritional value of vitamins, minerals and fibres. Although, the raw piece of it isn’t that delicious. To make tastier, it’s better to toast your bread. Having a dedicated machine for toasting would serve the purpose. Without a toaster, it would be tedious and time consuming process

No kitchen should be without a toaster. With all the different types in market, it can prove to be a tricky part to choose the BSET TOASTER for you. As a matter of fact there’s no final solution to it. But let’s take a look at this device KMT4203CAwhich has caught attention of many experts.


  1. Automatic Toasting


This device has a sensor in each slot that gets activated, when it receives bread. No need of pressing a button or pulling a lever anymore! The toasting cycle starts as soon the user select the shade of their choice. The input will pop out when it’s done. This feature takes the automatic toasting to different level.

best 4 slice toaster

  1. Digital Display


The digital display eases the case with choosing a browning level for you. The LED indicator provides you a way to select shade from seven pre-set shade settings. Providing you the maximum control to get your desired colour and taste of your bread. The lift and look feature allows you to pause the heating cycle. The toaster will lift the slices for inspection. You may cancel or continue the process if you have your toast done as per your liking.


  1. The Slots


The self-centering toasting slots, places the slices at an equal distance position from the heating element. It provides balanced browning shade in the toast. The wide section contain bagels breads. To get thick toasting, you can use additional width.



  1. Timing


The processing is also shown by LED color. The device notifies how longer it will take to complete the toasting cycle. It comes in style of two and four slice. In the four-slice model, It gives you dual toasting controls. The feature allows you to toast two different items, with two different settings, at the same time. During the toasting process, you can add more time by simply pressing the A Little Longer button. You can do this at any given time. This device takes extra time to increase the browning shade in the toast. This helps you to grab the exact toast shade of your choice.


  1. Design


The splendid design of the Pro Line toaster makes it easy to fit-in in any kitchen setup. It comes with variety of four colours. The four-slice model weighs to 18 pounds. The heavyweight die-cast frame makes it difficult to move if you haven’t chosen your spot at countertop. The toaster’s design is easy to clean. You can wipe out the toaster, you will not lose the shine of the toaster. Unlike other high-gloss metal toasters in the market, it doesn’t pick up visible fingerprints. The toaster includes a It has removable crumb tray that can be easily eliminated and saves you from the risk of touching the hot parts and any injuries.


The Pro’s:

  • The KitchenAid Pro Line gives you optimum performance, premium design and automatic motorized functions.

The Con’s:

  • The four-slice model is heavier than other similar toasters, making it difficult to move.
  • The elegant design, automated features makes the Pro Line device the best toaster for any kitchen.

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