Home Entertainment Lounge Design!

An open plan house usually means that the first part of the house that is seen by your guests is likely to be your TV lounge. Now for most people this part of the house also happens to bear more than one function and is usually also used as an office or as a playground by the kids. This all important space of your home is most likely also going to be the area where you visit with your guests and welcome them from. The need to create a welcoming atmosphere in this space is without doubt a very important job and one that most people feel overwhelmed by because of costs they think are associated with a revamp or redecoration. There are many cool and affordable decorations that you can purchase that will alter the feel of your room in a matter of seconds.


Change your curtains!

Get into the habit of changing the curtains of your home regularly. This may sound like a bit of work but you can purchase seasonal curtains that match the atmosphere of the weather. Summer curtain colors can be grays, whites, yellows, light blues and browns. These colors not only allow light to enter in more easily but will also ensure that rooms are brighter and appear more welcoming.

In winter, darker colors can be used such as deep grays, browns and gold. Heavier material can also be used for these winter curtains if you live in particularly colder climates.

Throw in some scatter cushions

Scatter cushions can turn an ordinary sofa into the place you best love to sit. Not only will you find that scatter cushions enhance the look of the room, but they also bring about more comfort to those sitting on the sofas and can be used for support as well.

Lighting is everything

Nothing is drearier than a dark gloomy room. Add more lights to your living room. You can purchase lamps to increase the brightness of the room.

Reconsider repainting the color of the walls

Creams and whites have a way of stealing the show from other dull colors. Even before a home is furnished, the colors of a room can tell you whether the room feels inviting or not. You want to maintain neutral tones. Neutral tones soften the appearance of a room. Stay away from dark colors for your walls. If you like dark colors, opt for dark sofas or deep browns for your centre table, buffet and any shelves in the room.

Hang Cool Picture Frames and Wall Art

Your TV lounge is likely to be the heart of your home. Set aside some space on a wall and creatively decorate it with some of your best family photos. A mixture of black and white frames on a white wall has a particularly beautiful effect.

Wall art is also another unique way of expressing your creativity whilst bringing life to the room. You can find a picture you like online, save it onto a flash drive then take it to your local photo shop and ask to have it enlarged so you can frame it.

These are just a few hip ideas to brighten up your TV lounge!

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